by Dead Air

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released April 20, 2012



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Dead Air UK

Dead Air are a 5-piece Melodic Progressive Metal band hailing from Leeds, England.

Blending a myriad of influences, such as, Born of Osiris, SikTh, Veil of Maya, Cynic, they intertwine progression with melodic harmonies, an extensive range of vocal work and unrelenting drum sequences. Tech inspired riffs merged with unorthodox bass grooves, help to create a genuinely unique and original sound. ... more

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Track Name: Impermanence
Stand up
Take a fucking bow
Get the fuck away
Your reign is over

Such a beautiful catastrophe
As the walls cave in
And bury the evidence forsaken by you

Lungs fail to expel the air
Of a crippling blow
Crushing bones has never been easier

I can't believe
I can't believe

Don't look back on my mistakes
I've got so much to lose
For every breath i have taken
There have been consequences
Don't look back on my mistakes
I've got so much to lose
For every breath i have taken

Run back to your sanctuary
Where you will be lost
In eternal lies of your empire

You make me sick
You make me sick
You make me fucking sick
Track Name: Unbound
We hold the answers
That you long to find
Fragmented thoughts and intentions
From what we long to become
Concept illusions

What's left of trust
That makes mistakes
We are the same
But fucking different
Too many voices
That make me the voices of mass
We are alone
We are the concept

Lie to me
Make your mistakes
But don't fucking drag me down with you
Don't fucking drag me down with every choice

I hate every moment i spent
Wishing for you to be the person i needed you to be
Was i good enough
Was i ever good enough

Was i good enough to be the person you needed me to be
Was i good enough to see all of your lies

We are alone
But not so simple
We are the state
The state of existence
The lives we lead
We are home
We are the border
But we are alone
Track Name: Tiresias Wakes
I emerge from the shadows as a phantom that mystifies
I grow weak from the atrophy
Yet i do not make haste

You tell me i am blind
But from what i have seen
The voices fall on deafened ears
They paint a picture of time
From before i can remember
I have already forgotten

You make mistakes every time and don't repent
We are so different
We make our own cause

We are so different
We make our own cause

You make mistakes
Burn your name into the clouds
The clouds reform

You will not live forever
You don't exist
You make disease
You don't exist